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Re-targeting (also known as re-marketing) works by engaging consumers with online ads specific to the sites which that consumer has visited. Unlike most forms of re-targeting, 8 re-targeting ads are dynamically personalized to the individual consumer at the point they see the ad. This results in much better relevance to the consumer’s interests – and improved conversion.

Step 1

A consumer visits your eCommerce website, browses some products but doesn’t purchase anything.

Step 2

Once the consumer leaves the website, 8 algorithms start analyzing the consumer’s behavior on the site. This is updated in real-time to reflect other behaviors offsite.

Step 3

8 Marketing identifies a consumer whilst they are browsing the web and re-assess the consumer’s behavior. Where purchase intent is identified, we dynamically build and display an ad specifically for this consumer at this point in time – encouraging the consumer to return to your site to complete a purchase.


8 Marketing sophisticated, behavioral analytic and machine learning strategies drive impressive results. Paying for clicks? Pay only for results with 8 Marketing.