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Email Marketing Email marketing is used to gain more customers, as well as retain previous customers. By sending an email advertisement, you can inform interested leads that they could benefit from your service or product. It’s friendly reminder that to anyone interested in your product or services that you’re still there whenever they are in need of what you offer. Email marketing is considered to be direct marketing, and is a great way to get in direct contact with you potential customers. This increases the likelihood that your website will be the only website the consumer will consider for their needs.   Target Advertising Placing advertisements on the right websites and platforms is important in order to be as effective as possible. If you’re a company that sells protein supplements, the possible place you could market your product is on a body building website or a website that pertains to working out in general to target people that may be interested in your product. By target advertising on the right websites, you’ll reach the demographic that is most likely to be interested in what you offer. Website Design If you own a domain for your business but don’t know how to properly build a website that will depict business, 8 Marketing can make it happen for you. We do the website design that you’re looking for by working with you each step of the way. You’ll have complete control over the website’s design and content by telling us exactly how it should look and feel. Take the first step toward improving your presence online by having your website designed by the trusted professionals.